Monday, June 8, 2009

Hey fellow Bloggers!! Been forever since I have done any writing here. My computer was so old-my son gave me one for Christmas. By that time I was so out of the main- stream and busy with so much other things. My Hubby works sooo many hours-we will create full time when he retires in 5 years or sooner. Retirement-we seem too young for that!!!!! Facebook seems to be the THING now-have lots of family on it. Planning a surprise party for Marshall's 60th b-day this year and a family reunion with it. So far he does not have a clue-but he figures out things pretty easy. Have redone our bedroom this year-all the furnishings-got a new sterns and foster mattress set-luxery-well worth the price. We watch too much HGTV!!! HA!! Sooo this past winter we redid the whole room-so much fun-we love to decorate. Marshall made me all kinds of great furniture in his trusty workshop. He was on a leave with a tear in his knee. It healed up without surgery-a miracle in our book. We found a new church and take our 2 grand-daughters that live near us. We still have 7-no new ones YET!!! My grandkids in Michigan will be here in July for the party. My son Chad has a new business called ASHTON-HAWK they remodel homes-still landscaping also in his business Wood and Water Designs. Nate is building Habitat Homes for people and is in the paper alot. They wll have a new home next year also. My grand-daughter goes to Kindergarten this year.Too searle!!! I have been creating alot of things for ME!! Never had time for that-so I made time. Still love to design-got sooo burned out doing this ALL the time. I had to take a break and focus on other things. Got a huge Album of the family scapbooked. It would take years to do it all -so I picked my favorite pictures. Also did an album of my childhood and kids and grandkids. Lots of money in those albums. Made some awesome journals also. I am getting a new laptop and I am going to try my hand at writing. My son really feels that I can do this and gave me the ideas he felt would be good. I wrote when I was in school. Always thought I would be a writer instead of an artist-time to switch gears. The laptop will be mobile for me-it is hard for me to keep still anymore-I would be better off at Starbucks or something. I turn 54 this year-gee wasn't my mother that age!!!! Time just goes sooo quick. Use it to the fullest. I have wasted years in a struggle to be happy. I figured out I wasn't so miserable after all-it was all the people around me that I let affect me wayyyy too much. You can only love them-pray and let them make the choice for themselves. Me and Marsh are going back to CapeCod this year hopefully in Oct. That is my favorite time of year!!! Well- have things to get done-will try to post some new pictures on here soon.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

New Store For Find Your Wings Designs!!

Greetings all!! Been real busy setting up our new on-line store! We have all kinds of new designs-paper products- woodcarvings -clay items- pictures-paper products!! Browse at and go to findyourwings2 for our fun and whimsical products!! We would love to hear from you!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

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Our Cartoon Kitties!!!

Here is Baxter Love and Bushy Love as "cartoons"!!! Photo-Shop is always fun!!!

My Creative Hubby!!

OurMantel he made. Who says you have to have a fireplace!

More pictures

There's no place like home!!

See You Next Year Christmas!!! Pictures to Share...

Pictures of our tree. It was a minature Frazier Fir-the Mantel my husband made all decorated-an old family crock all full of Christmas joy-Our deck and Birds-and Baxter and Bushy Cat as cartoons !!!